Jamie Lynn following in sis's footsteps?

when the rumors started going around that Jamie lynn Spears was pregant , everyone started freking out . " Not sweet little Jamie Lynn" they'd say, " yeahn right" other swould say . the mystery to me though is how is she still making new epsiodes of Zoey 101? Well we did some under cover work only to discover that she is still pregant yet is able to hide the baby from the cameras.

Miley tisk, tisk, tisk, tisk, tisk

Anothe star gone bad? Well Miley cyrus thoe still has screaming fans, Lost some brownie points when the world discovered that she seems to be following in Vanessa's footsteps when she was caught modeling for Victoris Secret very uncovered. With her dads permission, cani get a bad dad sign over here, come on guys we need some descent stars in this wicked world.